About Me


My name’s Doug Houvener. I am a Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, & overall creative person originally from Michigan and currently living in Arizona. My style reflects my personality — straightforward and practical. My primary focuses are in both corporate and athletic branding, particularly logo design, publication design, and digital strategy and design.

I strive to make the creative process as simple as possible for my clients — I realize not everyone cares about paper stock and kerning (but if you do, we should totally grab a coffee). My goal is to execute your visions and ideas in a clean, simple manner through effective communication, understanding, and teamwork.

My passion for visual arts and graphic design has crossed paths with my career in marketing & project management — which gives me a unique perspective and approach to solving problems. My experience in design pairs well with my knowledge in promotion and business administration — especially when it comes to digital advertising, marketing automation, and inbound/outbound marketing applications.