Rebranding Healthstyle Magazine

Healthstyle Magazine is an Arizona-based publication focused on creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles, one article at a time. The primary focus of the magazine is to educate the general public about different health initiatives, events, and innovations with a secondary goal of driving key business lines for Arrowhead Health Centers.

This project centered around a rebranding after 3 years of utilizing the initial brand. The focus was to move the magazine from a younger, playful feel (think Cosmopolitan) to a more mature, authoritative look (inspired by magazines like Time, National Geographic, etc.). The team felt that the prior branding was missing both of its target demographics: Medicare-aged general practice patients, and young families. My goal was to develop a look that was modern but refined; something that married the expectations from both demographics (easy to read, but interesting enough to pick up).

The rebrand resulted in a minimalist, refined look that speaks more clearly to the intended audiences. Since adopting the new look, Healthstyle was able to secure high-profile cover stories featuring the likes of author David Emerald, record-setting triathlete James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy), US Olympian Samantha Culiver, and former NFL stars Eric Dickerson and Seth Joyner.