The Quest for Houston: NFL Playoff Wallpapers

It's that special time of year — the weather is getting colder, the playoffs are firing up, and the Lions are getting ready for the NFL draft.

I tried some new effects on a wallpaper before the Lions lost embarrassingly in Seattle, and I was really feelin' the blizzard effect I came up with. So, I decided to whip up some more for the remaining teams left in the 2017 NFL Playoffs.

The key to mini-projects like this is developing repeatable steps that make the work much more efficient. So, you start by building a nice background comp (lord help us if this ever happens in Houston):

And then you add your players in, building the desired look step-by-step. Building templates and a process like this takes more time up front, but it saves you a lot of headache on the backend.

Here's what the step-by-step looks like:

Feel free to download these for personal use — just open the lightbox, right click the image, and hit 'Save Image As...'

Hope you enjoy!