Get Shit Done

"Speed is the only thing that matters, and opinions predicated on people's insecurities and ego slows shit down." - Gary Vaynerchuk

I love the simplicity of the motto, "Get Shit Done." It focuses on execution, and leaves out all the fluff. I've been watching a lot of #GaryVee lately, and I spend every day around an amazing group of entrepreneurs. I've essentially adopted this as my approach to the workday: ideas without execution are shit. Simple, to the point.

As such, I made a little graphic to use on everything. First and foremost, I've got a shirt for sale on Cotton Bureau that you should definitely check out (now available on-demand, woohoo!). It comes in three awesome colors!

Lastly, sometimes it's good to have a reminder throughout the workday. So I made a bunch of wallpapers you can use, too. 



Now go out there and Get Shit Done.