Work: Healthstyle Magazine

Healthstyle Magazine is an Aizona-based publication focused on creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles, one article at a time. The primary focus of the magazine is to educate the general public about different health initiatives, events, and innovations, with a secondary goal of driving key business lines for Arrowhead Health Centers.

This project centered around a rebranding after 3 years of the prior look. The focus was to move the magazine from a younger, playful feel to a more mature, authoritative look. While the content was great, the team felt that the prior branding was missing its target demographic.

The rebrand resulted in a very clean and modernized, but refined look that speaks more clearly to mature, educated audiences. Since adopting the new look, the team has been able to secure cover stories featuring the likes of author David Emerald, record-setting triathlete James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy), and NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson.

"Doug is an amazing person to work with. He stays on point to meeting deadlines and produces results that exceed expectations."
-Guy Berry, Chief Operating Officer