Work: NCFA Yearbooks

The NCFA is a college fantasy football league run on Chris Creamer’s Sports Logo Community.

Since joining the league in 2012, I had a dream to make this fantasy league the premier college fantasy league on the internet. Couple this with my passion for sports design, and we have a super-fun, extensive side project that occupied my free time for about 6 months out of the years we produced these books.

I started the 'media guide’ craze in 2013, and after seeing the tremendous support from both the design and fantasy sports community, I decided to head up our small design team of 3 and take 2014’s to the next level.

These books contain painstaking amounts of detail. Over 400 hours went into recreating league member-submitted uniforms and logo sets for their teams. Once those were input into our standardized vector templates, I jersey-swapped (read, Photoshopped) all of the players into their respective “new” jerseys.

At the end of the day, the final numbers are: 123 jerseys recreated, 39 jersey swaps, 72 stories written, 14 different kinds of cleats documented, and 205 pages of sheer college and fantasy football nirvana.