Redirect Health

Redirect Health is a company that is changing healthcare by challenging the status quo associated with traditional health insurance and medicine. Their focus is on making healthcare easier, more accessible, and more cost effective than what most consumers are used to. 24/7 Visits by Phone, plans with no copays for office visits, and affordable premiums for employers and employees alike make Redirect Health a company unlike any other.

The focus of this project was to bring these ideas and feelings into the branding. Something that is light, friendly, and clear as day to understand - an experience not commonly found in healthcare coverage. The website and collateral created have been designed to eschew the industry standard - something that a layman can look at and understand. Health insurance is typically very complex, so the design needed to catch people's attention by breaking that barrier down up front.

As the Marketing Manager, I was responsible for developing and analyzing campaigns targeted at highly-specialized groups. I've highlighted some campaigns below in addition to the branding work that was performed.

Initial Brand Identity

Employer Webinar Campaign

Health insurance is complicated. Redirect Health offers a solution that is much easier on the employer and employee, and we determined that the most effective way of explaining this product is via webinar. Prior to being tasked with this campaign, leads were being passively collected on the homepage and through a non-specific PPC campaign. I took over the campaign and built a highly-targeted social and PPC campaign around a special topic idea, “the $0 healthcare budget.” This resulted in a dramatic increase in registrants and a substantial reduction in cost per lead.

Notable Results: 500%+ growth in number of registrants, 52.3% reduction in cost per lead

Targeted Vertical Marketing Campaign

A key resource to employers of low-wage employees, Redirect Health made the strategic decision to sponsor the ASA in 2017. A part of this sponsorship was a 90 minute educational webinar for employers to learn more about the topic of self-funded insurance. I developed the deck for the presentation, the lead generation landing page, and the recall advertisements that were published in the ASA’s magazine in subsequent months.

Notable Results: Drove 44 registrations to 90-minute special-topic webinar

2017 Website Redesign